Webcomic Tutorial: Step-by-Step Customization of WordPress Theme for Your Website with the Comic Easel Plugin

Everything you need to know to get your WordPress Webcomic site up and running! So you wake up one day with an idea for a Webcomic that is sure to take the Internet by storm! It has a compelling cast of characters that would make George R. R. Martin blush. You have drawn a month’s worth of buffer that should, hopefully, save you from your procrastinating self. You have come up with the punniest title for your comic. Shockingly, a domain name, that perfectly matches your title, is available and you didn’t waste any time registering it. While you were at it, you purchased some web hosting which includes this thingamajig called WordPress that your friends are always raving about. You already have a WordPress theme that perfectly fits your Webcomic. But then, you are stuck with the question: how the heck do I get it to display my Webcomic?! Not to worry, that’s where this tutorial comes in. I […]

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Taking a Break

Hey guys! Taking a one week break to take care of a few things. Will be back on February the 22nd! Thanks for the support

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